Truly unbelievable and disgraceful, Tom Reed calls those good citizens that attend his town hall meetings “rent-a-mob protestors.”  I think it’s fascinating how when he’s talking to us in person he refers to these town hall meetings as productive and the attendees as people who are concerned about their district and country.  However, when he’s writing a letter to his donors he says disparaging things, not unlike Trump.  These so called “rent-a-mob protestors” are passionate about fairness in our tax code, healthcare for every man, woman, and child, and an economy made for “rest of us” not just 1% of the population.  How is that being a “rent-a-mob protestor?” What our presence at these town halls in large numbers is and the anger that we are conveying is our Democracy in action.  I can remember Republicans totally freaking out when the ACA was on its journey through the legislative process.  Town Hall after town hall meeting was met with angry and concerned citizens from conservative side of the equation, but that kind of protest was okay?  Calling your constituents terrible names is not the way to solve problems.  Let’s not call each other names, but instead work together for action.