Thank you Vince and Dora for a very inspiring town hall with Tom Reed and the meet and greet session afterwards in Salamanca. Thank you all for coming out despite the terrible weather. The more I participate in these events as a Candidate for the 23rd Congressional District and listen to the incumbent the prouder I am to be part of the Democratic Party. As a minister I have spent my career advocating for the less fortunate, but most importantly preaching a message of compassion, love, grace, mercy and radical acceptance (not tolerance) of ALL PEOPLE!!! Folks, Democrats aren’t anti-business as Republicans would have you believe. We are very much PRO-BUSINESS AND GROWTH, but instead of just thinking of the bottom-line Democrats believe in Pro-Business policies with COMPASSION!!! While the bottom-line is important so is the impact of our business practices on the environment, a living wage for families, whether or not workers get the health insurance they need or work in the safest environment possible. Republicans believe that compassion is incompatible with efficient business practices, I believe as a Minister, a social worker, and as a Democrat that pro-business policies, tax reform, healthcare, immigration reform, environmental policies cannot be good for the American people unless they meet the COMPASSION test. I look forward to seeing everyone soon and to share this message of hope. Rev. Karl Warrington