Although it’s a beautiful night before Christmas-eve I’m feeling a little bit low for 2 reasons.  First, since the big tax cut law was passed and signed into law on Friday CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a program that insures millions of children, has been left to flounder.  This means that as of January 1 millions of children will not have health insurance.  Secondly, the ALL IMPORTANT “individual mandate” has been scrapped in the big tax cut bill.  The individual mandate was one of the critical legs of the four legged ACA stool that insurance companies demanded as part of this life saving legislation to insure the sick as well as the healthy.  Since millions of healthy young people will simply skip buying insurance, insurance companies are going to jack premiums up.


So while everyone gets a few extra dollars in their paychecks and the ultra-rich get enormous tax savings the rest of us, get well, screwed.  This makes me very very sad at how greed and self-centeredness won the day.  Lots of special perks were given to Senators who were sitting on the fence about tax reform to BUY their votes. Now children and folks with insurance (massive premium spikes) and the uninsured who will stay away from buying insurance and rely on charity care when something devastating, health wise, happens.


Please keep in-mind that Congressman Tom Reed voted for greed and selfishness during the season of giving and caring for others.  He voted to pad the wallets of the ultra-rich at the expense of future generations because of the 1.5 trillion dollar hole in the budget.  1.5 trillion will have to come from somewhere so watch Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid for cuts.   Watch as your state and local taxes go up because the Federal government will have less revenue coming in and all departments will have to tighten their belts.


Friday was an extremely sad day for America and I just hope and pray that 2018 will turn out to be a time when the American people can vote out greed and vote in legislatures in the House and the Senate that think with compassion before their fundraising coffers.