This action on the part of the US is absolutely deplorable. I am sickened and embarrassed. Nikki Haley knows better than to purposely slap a billion people in the face with this dehumanizing vote. This action on the part of the President is simply to pander to the Evangelical part of his base. The evangelical demographicsees this as one more brick in the dream of bringing about the End Times. The Trump administration didn’t just make a decree that ALL of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but poured gas on the Daesh cause. Trump did this to kiss the backsides of those who are convinced that since we are living in “the final days” we must battle the “infidels” (Muslims) in a great and epic battle to bring about the apocalypse and return of Christ. The Trump administration didn’t make this decision for the good of the grand geopolitical chess match but to feed the hysteria of a small group of American religious fanatics. 128 countries chose a different route, one being the because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO (not to arbitrarily decide that even east Jerusalem is part of Israel’s capital), understanding that peace in the Middle East requires the US to be a non-biased arbiter and that by squeezing and dehumanizing A people (the Palestinians) by the conservative wing of the Israeli government is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! “Nikki Haley the American people that you speak of do not want or wish to treat men, women and children like rats.” The Palestinians deserve their own home land, their own state as much as anyone else. They deserve to live and thrive like anyone. Currently the Palestinians are made to live on rocks and dust, no job opportunities and made to go through check point after check point if they want to go anywhere. They are basically made and forced to live like dogs trapped in a cage. Yes there are some seriously bad actors within Hamas and Hezbala but these terrorist organizations do not represent the Palestinian people. We should be working with the Palestinians to go after the terrorists and not paint everyone with same brush. Whose capital is Jerusalem should be negotiated not unilaterally decided upon.