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Truly unbelievable and disgraceful, Tom Reed calls those good citizens that attend his town hall meetings “rent-a-mob protestors.”  I think it’s fascinating how when he’s talking to us in person he refers to these town hall meetings as productive and the attendees as people who are concerned about their district and country.  However, when he’s writing a letter to his donors he says disparaging things, not unlike Trump.  These so called “rent-a-mob protestors” are passionate
Our first responders, which are paid by local and state taxes, maybe in jeopardy. Tax bill either wants to cap the state and local tax deduction (House Bill) or scrap it all together (Senate version). FYI unions representing half a million first responders asked elected officials to keep the state and local tax deduction. (QZ.com)  
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In sifting through the GOP Tax Plan a new devil was found in the details. In House bill, which passed on a party-line vote, teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their school supplies that they pay out of pocket. On the other hand millionaires, Like Donald Trump, and billionaires can now deduct the cost of their private jets. PLEASE KEEP IN-MIND TOM REED VOTED TO SCRAP THE DEDUCTION FOR TEACHERS!!!! SHAME, SHAME!!!!
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House Republican Tax Bill will allow churches to become politically active and keep their tax exempt status! Your tax dollars are going to support candidates that you may or may not approve of.
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