After many months of prayer and contemplation I have decided to make the plunge into the American electoral process by announcing my candidacy for Congress of NYS 23rd District.

This decision did not come lightly. On November 9, 2016 I woke to the shocking reality that Donald Trump had been elected our 45th President. This news at first sent me into a state of disbelief and even depression and what was even more disturbing was that the Honorable Congressman Tom Reed, who is the incumbent Congressman of District 23, supported fervently Donald Trump for President. Serious concern, anger (I was SNARLING) and depression suddenly turned into a moment of clarity and revelation that I could not stay silent any longer.

My time has indeed come with my decision to seek the nomination for the Democratic Party of District 23 and then, God willing, the office to represent the good people of the 23rd District in the US House of Representatives. It is my desire not to BUILD WALLS from our friends and neighbors but to build a majority so HIGH and so SUPER that WE THE PEOPLE can thwart the amazingly destructive agenda of President Trump and Rep. Tom Reed.

In the coming days I have been invited to meet chairpersons from the Democratic Party in our various counties. I will be participating in town halls, meet and greets, Q&A session, door to door campaigning, voter registration drives, fundraising efforts, etc. That’s where you come in. In the days and the months to come I will be calling on YOU, my closest friends and family to help make OUR DREAM become a reality.

This has been the hardest decision that I have ever had to make, but I know with all my heart that I must “do what is right, not what is easy (Roy T Bennett).” Without you, this effort is insurmountable, but with you, WE are unbeatable!

Social Issues

A donation and a vote for me includes a raise in the minimum wage, job growth, wage growth, universal health insurance, immigration reform, public schools that are appropriately funded, criminal justice reform, fair trade deals, protecting a woman’s reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, protecting LBGTQ rights, re-entrance of the US into the Paris Climate Deal, focus on alternative energy and a moving away from fossil fuels.


Keep our state and local governments properly funded so that they can cut property and school taxes. If we are going to cut taxes it certainly should not be for the mega rich. However, the corporate tax should be lowered to 26%, but tax loopholes must be closed.


I’m not a big fan of school centralizing. I believe that more schools, smaller class sizes and MUCH better pay for inner city teachers are essential steps towards improving underprivileged school districts. School choice while theoretically a nice idea does takeaway badly needed money from the public school systems. While tenure is important to avoid cronyism, it should not be used to make it virtually impossible to terminate terrible teachers. We also need to spend less time pushing 4 year liberal art degrees tracks and instead direct students, when appropriate, towards vocational training. I am also in favor of providing more financial assistance to lower income students.

Gun Access

Let’s work on passing ANTI ACCESS laws by terrorists, criminals, and the mentally disturbed population instead of GUN CONTROL.

Criminal Justice Reform

We must find better ways to rehabilitate non-violent offenders. Punitive measures only make non-violent offenders far more likely to become violent.

NYS Health

We need universal health insurance “healthcare is a right not a privilege”


Environment: We need to mitigate FRACKING in our state, reenter the Paris Climate Accord, promote through special tax incentives alternative energy, Obama era CAFE standards at 54.5 MPG For All Cars by 2025 should be maintained and the Clean Power Plan should not be rolled back.

Countdown to Election: November 6, 2018